9th Annual "SOUP"er Bowl Fundraiser Highlights

So Many People to Thank!


Our 9th annual SOUPer Bowl has come and gone, but we want to take a few moments to extend our personal and heartfelt “thank you” out to each and every church, business, foundation, organization, and individual for their part in our largest fundraiser of the year. 

Canal Winchester Local School District- Indian Trail’s art students created unique placemats for our patrons to use while eating their lunch. Middle School students used their talents to make large, colorful banners for the outside of the building and for the bake sale and silent auction. Finally, our High School students crafted ceramic bowls in art class and then donated them to us, allowing for that personal touch go home with donors who gave $10 or more. 

Baked Items: Hope United Methodist Church hand-delivered a car load full of baked items on the morning of the SOUPer Bowl. From their famous buckeyes to berry-filled pies, our shelves were full of many delicious treats to take home.  An added bonus this year was the generosity of baked items from local businesses, to include Donatos Pizza, O’Charley’s, Bob Evans, and Subway. And, as always but never forgotten, a HUGE “thank you” is extended to our friends, family, volunteers, and devoted residents that willingly reached out and took the time to make their favorites for us. 

Soups: Wigwam, Barrel & Boar, Wendy’s, Lithopolis UMC, Hope United Methodist Church, Joe Donahue, Pat Lynch (councilman), Helen MaGuane, Ron Martin, and Jackie Troutman all chipped in to fill large roasters full of hot soup. Will Bennett (councilman) and his group stayed from start to finish, serving soup and putting this place back together so that the Pantry would be ready the next day. 

Silent Auction:  Jill Amos (councilman), Anne Kissner (board member and vice chair), Laurie Amick (board member), Craig Amick, Brigid Krueger (board member), Mile Coolman (board member & councilman), Will Bennett (councilman), Melinda Sullivan, a host of churches, church groups, local businesses, volunteers, residents, and personal friends all contributed in some form or another to pull off the silent auction. This is a huge endeavor, and we so appreciated the long hours and dedicated engagement. Each of you did your part with a smile and an eager heart, and we appreciated your willingness to come early, stay late, and everything in between!

SOUPer Bowl Sheet Cake: Walmart always does a great job making a giant sheet cake to serve 100+ people.  It is always a treat we look forward to having.

Organizational Contributors: We would like to thank all of our board members, admnistrative staff, and drivers (family members and spouses included), for giving their best and from their hearts. From odds and ends and last minute needs, we got it done! Thank you as well for the donation of cakes for our patrons. 

All in all, there are so many people to thank, collectively and individually, for their support yet again in 2020. If you were not named specifically in the previous sections, please know that your part, however big or small, made a HUGE impact to a GREAT community. We hope that all of the smiles, hugs, conversations, and connections that you made was as impactful to you as it was to us. Until next year, keep “paying it forward.” It will come back to you in some way, some day!